Angelo's Bio

Angelo Auto Repair Returns to the Village


    After a couple of years out of the neighbourhood, Angelo Auto Repair(formerly known as Angelo's Service Center) is returning to the Village, bringing with it a record of 25 yerars' exemplary service and a dedication to ensurig local residents recieve the best in car care.

   "I moved for a couple years but decided to reopen back in the same area," says owner Angelo Tulipano. " I knew a lot of the people, and its strange to go away. Its like leaving the house you've always lived in-you always want to go back."

    Tulipano says he's always been drawn to repairing imports in particular, and has made it his business to have the latest in eletronic diagnostic equipment on-0site, both for imports and domestic vehicles. His shop is equipped to handle everything from regualr maintenance to complicated repair work.

    Tulipano believes  quality work is integral to auto repair, regardless of the level of automobile being worked on. He and his apprentice go to extensive lengths to ensure that every auto serviced in his shop gets the best possible level of car.

    "I do the work the way it should be done," says Tulipano. "Whether it's a Rolls Royce or a Toyota, it dosn't matter."

    Tulipano's lifelong love affair with automobiles began in his teenage years whe he apprenticed as a mechanic.  At the young age of 18 he recieved his licence, and has been completing quality work in the years since.

    "I've been doing this for so long, I know the cars," says Tulipano. " I've been a mechanic for nearly 35 years."

    While Tulipano is thrilled that old clients are already returning, he wants to spread the worf to area residents that his doors are once again open for business in the Village area.

    "I know them, I know their kids," says Tulipano, who adds that his policy of being honest with customers has led to entire families becoming repeat customers. "I've have customers that i have worked on their grandfathers car, the fathers car, and now the sons car."